Bible and Archaeology of the City of David

Course Introduction:

Jerusalem  is mentioned almost 700 times in the Hebrew Bible, a Holy Book that  shaped civilizations and religions throughout history. This course, and the tour it offers, gives you  the opportunity to experience the biblical story of Jerusalem’s beginnings precisely at the site in which the dramatic events actually took place. It is here that fascinating remnants were discovered, artifacts that provide the backdrop for the biblical events.

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The course consists of 7 chapters:

Chapter 1: Lookout and Topography of the City of David. (4:28)

Knowing the area around the City of David – the Temple Mount, the Old City, Mount Zion, and other prominent structures in the surrounding area. Understanding the topographical landscape around the City of David as well as its respective location vis-a-vis the bible.

Chapter 2: Jerusalem in the Canaanite Period - the Pre Israelite Era. (8:23)

Comprehensive understanding of Jerusalem's ancient location by the Canaanites, learning about the oldest fortifications to be found in Jerusalem including the oldest water system to be found in Israel within the City of David.

Chapter 3: The Conquest of Jerusalem by King David. (5:52)

Learn about the historical background of the conquest of Jerusalem by King David as well as the significant changes King David made with regards to Jerusalem's change of political status.

Chapter 4: The Large Stone Structure- King David's Palace? (3:22)

An overview of one of Israel's most important archaeological excavations – the top of the City of David. This includes an intimate survey of the unique large structure which crowned the peak of the ancient city. An analysis of the proposal which identifies this location as King David's palace according to the archaeological survey in light of the biblical account.

Chapter 5: King Hezekiah's Reign. (6:26)

You will learn the biblical story of the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem in the time of King Hezekiah 2700 years ago. We will understand Hezekiah's response to the Assyrian threat on Jerusalem according to the findings in the City of David. We will learn about the fate then of Jerusalem in one of the most horrifying moments during the first temple period.

Chapter 6: Seal Impressions from the First Temple Period. (9:00)

You will learn where the location of the royal headquarters which was in Jerusalem during the first temple period based on the household's objects found in the area. You will learn about dramatic seal impressions of senior ranking officials from the first temple period that were found. You will learn about the significance of the seal impressions with regards to the biblical context and the actual place where they were found.

Chapter 7: The Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem. (6:27)

You will learn about the political atmosphere in Jerusalem on the eve of the destruction of the city 2600 years ago according to the biblical account. You will learn about the most dramatic biblical findings discovered recently which reflect the political tension that existed in Jerusalem according to the bible. You will learn about the findings that reflect the tragic end of the first temple period 2600 years ago.

Course Introduction

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